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SLA-2810D 2.8~10mm, SLA-3580DN 3.5~8mm, SLA-550DA 5~50mm

Samsung SCB-2000 3.5 to 8mm Dark Sky Test - Rondomon

Samsung SCB-2000 8mm dark star test. These are some videos taken on a CCTV security camera using a Samsung SLA-3580DN 3.5 - 8mm varifocal lens. This camera and lens (new) is less than $200, but you have to provide a 12VDC power source.
I had the lens set to 8mm, so full telephoto, so had about a 40 degree field of view. This lens at 3.5mm can get about a 110 degree field of view. It is able to detect satellites using SensUp, which is a internal form of frame stacking. The internal infrared filter had not been removed yet.
This combination is an OK setup, if just starting out UFO watching, and if you cant afford the $400 for the Yukon Night Ranger ( which appears to pick up more ), in my opinion. This video has aircraft, satellites and rocket boosters, and perhaps a meteor.

Samsung SDC-415 Features Overview - Watch while Shakib goes over the features and highlights of the Samsung SDC-415 Day Night Security Camera and what's in the box. You can get yours at the 2mcctv link above.




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