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Just another day as an MLT

This is a song for my urinalysis class about what a medical lab technician does. Lyrics by Nate Maurer. Song and video editing by Jessie Pearce. Recording by Jon Bumhoffer.

(Verse 1) It all starts out with a simple venipuncture We can spin it down or we can grow it in a culture First we find a vein, and then we clean it. Once I'm done I'll give you a band aid if you need it. We can test your bloods ability to clot Cause if you don't have it, the bleeding never stops

(Bridge) x2 Cause I'm counting platelets. I'm drawing some patients I'm working at my station On bilirubin congregation!

(Refrain) Hematology and phlebotomy Microbiology Chemistry anatomy and physiology Just another day as an MLT

(Verse 2) Don't forget to wear your PPE To protect yourself from HIV I got my immunization for HBV Now none of those bugs can come get me! Whether you're anemic or ischemic We give you medicine if you need it IF your blood looks lipemic We are gonna watch what you are eating If your skin is yellow then you have jaundice And your liver has probably been demolished My manual differential skills are flawless Because my microscope is clean and polished

(Bridge 2) x2 Reagents refrigerating Calcium chelating Plates incubating I'm done with waiting


(Verse 3) This guy has something wrong with his Islets of Langerhans Cause he's got less insulin than the average man The docs will come up with a life style plan And tell him to only eat foods that are bland They can give him insulin injections To get his blood glucose levels to perfection Without this correction he could get hypertension He needs to focus on his heart disease prevention

(Bridge 3) x2 There's casts in the urine The centrifuge is whirring Reagents are stirring Why is this occurring?


(Verse 4) You better watch out for Staph aureus Cause this type of Staph is notorious For resisting different kinds of medicine Like methicillin, vancomycin and oxacillin I give thanks for my immune system For protecting me every day and keeping me living We got T cells and B cells That want us to be well!

(Bridge 4) x1 I found some THC in your pee So no job for you, you good for nothing hippie!


MLT medical laboratory technician 2021

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Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Program at the College of Southern Maryland

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