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DVF's Fittings for the Met Gala 2019

The Met Ball comes and goes every first Monday in May, but the preparation for this one special night starts many months before the actual event. This year, Diane von Furstenberg custom designed dresses for Influencer and Youtuber Camila Coehlo, Model and Activist Adwoa Aboah, and her budding designer of a granddaughter, Talita von Furstenberg.
Max Kol : Gettings from Poland!! @DVF
Hisa Nitta : Cool! Love from tokyo!
Mariana Távora : Camila's AWSOME!! Brazil represents
Hollz lastname : Omg I love Diane Von Furstenberg
Maroulio : Dear DVF: LOVED your dress at the Met!
Lee Robins : beautiful ..i have always liked Diane Von Furstenberg ..many years ago i wore her beautiful perfume Tatiana and as i live in Melbourne i would have it sent to me from NY ..clever stylish lady..
JA G : Strangely enough, I have a dress almost like that from 15 yrs ago without the plunging neckline. Bought at TJ MAXX. I still today think its beautiful.

Fashion week at the house of DVF

Fashion Week at Diane von Furstenberg looked a little differently this year as Diane launched her #InCharge manifesto by hosting a luncheon with Linkedin. As #InCharge women flocked the showroom of DVF--activists, advocates, CEO's, founders, and entrepreneurs came together to celebrate, inspire, and toast one another in a luncheon that can only be described as powerful. We invite you to join us in viewing this incredible day at DVF.
Istituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia : Inspiring

Out & About: DVF hosts a shopping event at her L.A. store

Diane takes her VIP customers shopping in her Los Angeles boutique at The Grove. She speaks through an intimate Q\u0026A offering her customers personal advice.
Old Channel : Such a fantastic channel ☺
We Pressed Like. Congratulations on another awesome VideoUpload. ☺

Keep in touch~ God Bless & Have an awesome afternoon.
Fancy Joining us Too?~?
Alex Sunderland : Nn
AA : She’s strong, witty, funny and straight to the point. Just gotta love her.
Diane B : I wish I could meet her. Just to listen to her I could learn so much




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