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AMD $25,000 Workstation with 4 x FirePro W9100 GPUs

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Расшатай Ка : there are 4 amd firepro w9100 16GB each, in use was not, I will sell them cheap, if anyone interested, please contact me...
BaasBassInnaBabylon Robert-Wim van de Sande : ITS STILL AMD!!!
Intel with same preformance cost just half the money!
HARSH : can it run minecraft hahahahahahahah
The Collector : any good for gaming or only rendering and animating ?
HughJass : my name is bill gates. send me x10 of these. five for my family and the other five for my dog.
Volvith : I have a question.
I was offered 200k last year, to buy a house.
I decided to buy a small apartment, and i have about 130k left ($132,473.91).
Is there any motherboard that supports 8 graphics cards?
Also, i'd like to run quad intel e5 2699, 22 cores.

If possible, at least 256gb of DDR4 @3000+ MHz ram.

I am actually being serious, i don't care if i have to call someone to manufacture a single board for 17 grand, just get me the phone number of the designer.

Again, being serious, i want to futureproof my build to the point where i can play 3VR porn in 512k, in 2051.
Enes Çobanoğlu : psu?
Mini : I have $3.00
Adolf Hitler : Just signed for Aerospace engineering, and computer programming in Special ed today, can't wait! Also follow me on MySpace @TrumpLikesDickInHisAss69_NaziAmerica for some incredible content.
Chrib : the new version of this card is 32GB VRAM, so with 4 way crossfire you are getting 128GB of VRAM. Insane

AMD FirePro™ W9100 Professional Graphics and Adobe Deliver Astonishing Performance

Learn more: http://bit.ly/FirePro_W9100
Al Mooney, Senior Product Manager, Professional Video Editing, Adobe talks about the benefits of harnessing the AMD FirePro™ W9100 professional graphics card in multiple configurations for Adobe tools to deliver astonishing performance results based on 16GB of video memory while driving up to six 4K displays simultaneously.

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ricky v : This is interesting. I didn't know that Adobe was working closely with AMD. But, I am glad to see this. (:
Antonio Brown : ...is the background noise really necessary?
LoL XD : Spoiler alert: they used intel xeon cpu on their quad w9100 workstation
Sualeh Irfan : Amd you guys rock
yash mulani : no more demo doing
Joel : @***** Does AMD graphic card support for after effects and other softwares like nuke, Eyeon Fusion, 3dsmax,Autodesk Maya etc. I am get a new graphics card for my PC. SO will this support those applications and render it in realtime.
Muaathe Aziz : Why there is no demo about the ability of firepro W series in computing ?
Crusader1815 : Now we just need a 36" 4k monitor (besides the $20,000 Eizo, which is getting old anyhow) with high quality color and a 60hz refresh rate. 32" is too small for 4k, and 28" is ridiculously small for 4k, unless you perchance have 20-4 vision.
MushroomKid : Will this graphics card be good for gaming?
Jeth ro : may budget is for 3gb graphics card only :( hahaha 

รีวิว SAPPHIRE AMD FirePro W9100

A Sym : What a rip off both of them, it's milked technology that's been sitting in R&D labs to sync it up with other consumer tech hardward/software drivel. This world is nothing but a corrupt business through an ass backwards society.
Mitch773 : AMD FirePro W9100 มันแตกต่างจาก AMD r9 295x2 ยังไงหรอ ครับ
Keye อาทิตย์ : ราคาครับ




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